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About ApoloTalk at Yahoo!Groups

The purpose of ApoloTalk is to provide a forum in which Christians can discuss any and all apologetics-related issues.

ApoloTalk is not an official or semi-official AR-list, and the forum is not affiliated with Apologia. ApoloTalk is operated by the publishers of Apologetics Index. Subscription is open only to members of AR-talk and AR-forum - two mailing lists operated by Apologia.

The differences between the AR-lists and ApoloTalk are as follows:

  • AR-talk -- apologetics research resources Q&A, find/share, no discussion (i.e., no interchange about a resource apart from efforts of identification and minor clarification).
  • AR-forum -- limited discussion about apologetics resources along the lines of an extended thread which clarifies some point about a resource or involves qualifications about a resource.
  • ApoloTalk (this forum) -- Opinion and debates allowed. You can also use this list to post lengthier messages and/or share files (e.g. upload a file here, and - if appropriate - share the URL as a resource on AR-talk or AR-forum).

A Word About List Traffic

Note: Before you subscribe, please understand that traffic on ApoloTalk can and does fluctuate. The list may be relatively quiet for weeks or sometimes even months, only to produce a burst of messsages if and when a discussion starts.

At the Yahoo! Groups interface you can edit your own subscription. For example, if you find you are getting too many emails, you can decide to have email delivery stopped.

If and when we do add a web-based forum to this site, it will be different from the Yahoo! Groups web interface, in that it will allow you to select which topics and discussions to read and which to ignore.

Basic Rules

  • Opinion and debates allowed. However, treat each other with respect.
  • No flaming (= no personal attacks).
  • No yellow journalism.
  • Know when to agree to disagree.

The list is unmoderated except when and where necessary to enforce these rules.

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The ApoloTalk forum is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. We have no control over the advertising selected by Yahoo.

ApoloTalk is operated by Apologetics Index. It is a forum meant for the discussion of Christian apologetics research resources on world religions, cults, religious sects, alternative religions and related issues.


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